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Startup Pitch


Shivani Lamba, (Founder/CEO of Chechako) and Marshall Levine, (Wise Counsel for Chechako Ltd)




Tuesday, 12 June 2012






Darwin Biochemistry LT

Event series

DeepMind/ELLIS CSML Seminar Series


Startup Pitch: An online competition platform that intelligently identifies the best new (cross-industry) talent using social data points and predictive analytics

The Concept

Talent on social media is mostly latent but potentially lucrative. Companies across film, music, publishing and sport use current social networks, or create their own, to source untapped talent from around the world.

As yet, there is no single dedicated interface which connects organisations to users in a way that creates tangible assets, or uses analytics to propel this process forward.

We are currently negotiating with several high-visibility "scout" organisations to become part of our platform and use our technology, including: constituent members of the Independent Publishers Guild; Warner Music Group; and Film Tank.

Potential Partnership with CSML

When it launches in late 2012, it will integrate innovative technology to help companies recruit talent more intelligently.

As we have received interested from multiple investors (including NESTA) and will be applying for grants from the UK Technology Strategy Board, we are looking to build a partnership with CSML and recruit a team from the Centre.

Please come along if you'd like to become an intrinsic part of a startup with tremendous possibility.